5 Tactics to Practice - Alone in Studio 15

It's PRACTICE time at the flamenco school Amor de Dios in Madrid, Spain. After speaking with the front desk to rent a small studio I headed to studio 15. As mentioned in Four Steps into Amor de Dios, in order to improve your dancing you can't just take classes, you also need to practice. Practicing additionally allows you to take full advantage of any group classes you are taking because you will improve your technique and learn choreography at a faster rate. This will in turn allow the teacher to correct you at a higher more refined level, perhaps they can move on to helping you with sound quality or artistic expression. Getting into the studio to practice is not always an easy task. Someti

4 Steps into Amor de Dios

Located in Madrid Spain, Amor de Dios can take your breath away. A beacon of flamenco life, Amor de Dios is the hot spot offering a vast amount of teachers and classes to choose from. STEP ONE: Find Mercado Antón Martín. What could be better than a flamenco school on top of a food market. Like a match made in heaven, I couldn't have dreamed of a better location. Continue past the olive stand, up another flight of stairs to find the entrance of the school. I could feel my heart race as I stepped inside for the first time not knowing what to expect. STEP TWO: Take a self guided tour. Now explore. You will find the front desk, the poster wall listing all the current classes (note that this list

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