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Vancouver’s Calle Verde performs traditionally-inspired flamenco infused with subtle flavours drawn from unexpected sources such as jazz, Latin, pop music.

A traditional flamenco group or “cuadro” consists of a guitarist, singer, dancer and palmero (hand-clapper). Together, the group interacts spontaneously to create an experience that is unique every time. This improvisational communication between the members of the cuadro lies at the heart and soul of Calle Verde. Each artist brings his or her gifts to each performance: the result is exhilarating, magical and never the same way twice.

Calle Verde has been performing together since 2012, but the history of the group’s members goes back much further. 
Peter Mole is an accomplished guitarist in the Vancouver flamenco scene, well-known for his impeccable technique and melodic imagination. He started working with Michelle Harding (dancer) in the mid-2000s and her dynamic energy and rapid-fire footwork have made her a local favourite. Dancer/singer Maria Avila was next to join Calle Verde with her strong, graceful style and movingly gorgeous voice. 

Calle Verde’s performances are original, powerful and electrifying, earning the group a reputation with audiences for high-calibre, professional artistry that is guaranteed to set the stage alight.

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Photos: Juan E. Contreras - jucoVisualArts

Volver - (Estrella Morente Cover) - Maria Avila and Peter Mole of Calle Verde
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