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The Bull | El Toro


Directed and Edited by - Audrey Bow

Dancer / Choreographer - Maria Avila

Sound Recordist and Mixer - Michael Rush

Musical track - Maria Avila

Hair and Makeup Artist - Josephine Casadei - Luscious and Brushes by Jo

Poem - Gerardo Avila

7:34 min Dance on Film

The Bull | El Toro explores the use of choreography and dance on film to reposition iconic flamenco objects. These objects are emblematic of the art form of flamenco and tied to a common movement vocabulary, and are thus considered iconic. The impetus for this project is my continued interest and research into flamenco objects, which involves a desire to challenge myself in order to show personality and originality within my chosen art form of flamenco

The Bull belongs to a trilogy of short films: ‘OBJETOS’  The Fan, The Rose and The Bull. 




Direct screening inquiries to Maria Avila

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