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4 Steps into Amor de Dios

Located in Madrid Spain, Amor de Dios can take your breath away. A beacon of flamenco life, Amor de Dios is the hot spot offering a vast amount of teachers and classes to choose from.

STEP ONE: Find Mercado Antón Martín.

What could be better than a flamenco school on top of a food market. Like a match made in heaven, I couldn't have dreamed of a better location. Continue past the olive stand, up another flight of stairs to find the entrance of the school. I could feel my heart race as I stepped inside for the first time not knowing what to expect.

STEP TWO: Take a self guided tour.

Now explore. You will find the front desk, the poster wall listing all the current classes (note that this listing is up to date, the online schedule can be incorrect), photos and flamenco memorabilia, change rooms, and studio after studio. It feels huge. Just think of all the artists that have walked in these halls. If the doors are open, peek into the studios and watch the dancers for a minute. Enjoy the sounds of footwork, cante, palmas, and witness all the energy this brings. Take it all in.


You can drop in, watch or commit to a week of classes. Personally, I find that three classes a day is a good amount of classes to not be overwhelmed and to still have time and energy to practice. For one of your classes I would recommend taking it back to basics by taking a lower level technique class to solidify your skills. Besides, classes at Amor de Dios are known for attention to precision and technique. Apart from this recommendation, challenge yourself to try different classes, and then stick with your chosen classes to see results.

STEP FOUR: Practice.

Amor de Dios and other schools offer small studios for rental. You can't just take classes. You need to practice. I remember the moment when I truly discovered this. Like a light bulb switching on, "Oh I get it! I need to practice to improve!" It sounds so obvious, but it really was a realization. Taking classes is not enough. Learn to love your time alone in the studio.

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